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NYC Transcription has seen many changes in the transcription industry since our launch in 1992 in New York City.

When we started 23 years ago, we had a strictly local business. The Internet was mostly non-existent. Our clients delivered their recordings on either tape cassettes, micro cassettes or video cassettes. We communicated with clients by phone and fax. We advertised in the New York Manhattan Yellow Pages.

Now we service clients locally and nationally through our online presence.

Through our experiences, we’ve learned that it is crucial to keep up-to-date with transcription technology, including the ability to transcribe digital audio and video files in multiple formats.

Over the years, our company has also grown into handling various types of post-production using special audio software such as Sony Sound Forge. This allows us to digitize cassettes, break digital files into segments, convert file formats, and enhance audio files where clarity and volume are less than ideal.

Several years ago, we got into the professional recording area. We found that clients would give us files that were of poor sound quality due to their equipment and recording technique. Our audio and video media specialist Kevin Degidon and his associates went to work compiling the best mixers, microphones, and digital recorders to go on-site to record a customer’s meeting prior to transcription. This is a service that we now offer our customers. For those who prefer self-service, we also coach clients on optimal purchase and usage of recording equipment. Proper preparation does make a difference!

Finally, although transcription technology has changed since 1992, we take pride in hiring only 100% native English speaking transcriptionists who undergo rigorous testing and training. High quality transcription requires a good ear, excellent language skills and ability to interpret words in their proper context. We also take strict steps in quality control to produce the most accurate and timely transcripts for our customers.

Some Satisfied Clients


Over the years, NYC Transcription has proven to be reliable, accurate, and speedy, always meeting and often exceeding deadlines.

-Matthew Budman, Editor-in-Chief The Conference Board Review

I rely on NYC Transcription for all of my transcription needs. They are unmatched in speed, responsiveness, accuracy and price. I’ve used other transcription services in the past, but none can compare with the service and reliability of NYC Transcription.

–Christine Sloben, Pfizer

NYC Transcription is extremely reliable, efficient and most importantly produces video transcriptions at a timely rate. We count on them to meet any pressing deadlines.

-Corporate Communications Department at Liz Claiborne Inc.

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