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Focus Group Transcription

Best New York (NY) Focus Group Transcription Services

Focus group transcription services are significant for a corporation or qualitative market research company in order to study and analyze participant input during a focus group. By using a focus group transcription company, you can save time by accurately and meticulously evaluating participant member input, as opposed to just listening to a recording and taking notes. A focus group is a tool of marketing research in which a small group engages in a discussion of selected topics of interest and usually guided by a moderator.

Focus Group Transcription Rates

With our focus group transcription service, you can capture and analyze communication from your participants at a highly affordable rate given the accuracy and value of our services with native English speaking transcriptionists. See transcription rates for our focus group transcription.

Which Focus Group Transcription Company Is Qualified To Transcribe Your Focus Groups?

A focus group transcription company converts the conversation of focus groups into written documents, employing excellent usage of language and format. You want to make sure you select the right transcription service. Our company can work with either digital audio files, digital video files, or cassette tapes. Digital video is usually the best medium, as one can more easily identify the individuals, by not only hearing, but seeing the participants.

Focus group transcription services are often outsourced overseas. Oftentimes transcribers at these companies do not have an in-depth understanding of contemporary U.S. culture and language to provide the optimal value to customers. All of the transcribers at NYC Transcription are U.S. based. That will make a world of difference in producing the most accurate transcripts for focus groups.

Focus Group Recording

If you want to get the optimal audio recording quality, click here for our audio recording tips.

Some Satisfied Clients


Over the years, NYC Transcription has proven to be reliable, accurate, and speedy, always meeting and often exceeding deadlines.

-Matthew Budman, Editor-in-Chief The Conference Board Review

I rely on NYC Transcription for all of my transcription needs. They are unmatched in speed, responsiveness, accuracy and price. I’ve used other transcription services in the past, but none can compare with the service and reliability of NYC Transcription.

–Christine Sloben, Pfizer

NYC Transcription is extremely reliable, efficient and most importantly produces video transcriptions at a timely rate. We count on them to meet any pressing deadlines.

-Corporate Communications Department at Liz Claiborne Inc.

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