How soon can I get my transcripts?

We have standard, rush, next day and same day service which are all priced with your budget in mind. We have a large staff of transcriptionists to meet almost any deadline.

What types of audio and video files do you transcribe?

We work with almost any digital format as long as it can be transcribed. If you have video tapes, microcassettes, cassette tapes, DVDs or webcasts, we can also transcribe those for you.

What format do I receive my transcripts in?

We send transcripts back to you via email in a Microsoft Word format. If you cannot read a Microsoft format let us know, and we will send the transcripts back in a format of your choosing.

How can I get the best recording for transcription?

Please refer to our recording page to get tips on the best equipment and techniques for your own recording. If you wish, for local clients in the NYC area, we offer on-site recording services.

What makes NYC Transcription different from other transcription services?

All of our transcriptionists are native English-speakers, which means the transcripts flow in a smooth manner with appropriate words in the right context. We also train our staff in correct industry jargon to meet the needs of a diverse array of corporate, academic, legal, not-for-profit, and individual clients. Our in-house technical staff troubleshoot and resolve a wide range of audio and video problems which affect on-time and on-budget deliverables.

How do your prices compare to other transcription services?

We believe in making transcription affordable and charging by the audio minute. Therefore, we keep our prices low while ensuring high levels of accuracy and timeliness.

How accurate are you?

Our company guarantees a 99% or higher with broadcast quality transcripts. In order to keep up a high accuracy rate, we maintain strict quality control procedures and will coach you in proper recording techniques.

Why does it matter whether I use U.S. based transcriptionists?

Our transcripts are all native English speaking transcriptionists who are highly experienced and educated. Many transcription services outsource to India and other parts of the globe, which can significantly reduce transcript accuracy due to language and cultural barriers.

How do I get digital files to you?

Please refer to our file upload page which will make this process seamless.

Where do I mail physical audio and video sources to you?

Please mail all physical and audio sources to:

NYC Transcription
124 E. 40th Street, Suite 403
New York, New York 10016
Attention: Transcription Manager

Note: If possible, please try to make dubs of your media before you send it. If your cassettes and DVDs are originals, please include that in a note to us.

Is there any type of documentation I have to submit with my digital or physical audio or video sources?

Send us any information about the names of the individuals or participants in the recording, any special terminology, and the meeting/conference agenda (especially if already printed). Of course we will need all your contact information: name, company, address, phone number(s), email and fax number.

How do I know you’ll maintain confidentiality of my work?

We will be happy to sign any confidentiality agreement – either yours or ours.

What is the billing procedure?

We can invoice you for transcription services after the completion of each project or use a credit card for payment. Please discuss this with our customer service manager.

What size projects can you handle?

We can handle both large and small projects. We have an excellent team of transcriptionists who can be assigned to your project based upon your scheduling needs.